Best GeoSwag Finds

From 2012 to present, geocaching has gifted us many great stories, laughs, and memories. Sometimes we have been awarded with an awesome prize or swag item too. I wanted to share the best goodies we’ve received, what objects we usually leave behind, and a few housekeeping tips. The treasure is definitely not my favorite part of the hobby, but it’s a perk! What have you found or left in a geocache?


Best Swag Found

I’ve included a picture above this section showcasing all our favorite swag finds, which have caught our eye or helped us remember an especially good time: a silver penny, travel bug tag (FTF prize), arrowhead, artistic glass pieces, Eiffel tower zipper pull, Yosemite National Park keychain, pins, Poliwag Pokémon, pony figure, and money. In total, we’ve traded for $6.40 this year. A couple quarters per cache adds up! Below this paragraph is a log from when we received $20 after one of our most epic adventures.


Our Personal Swag

In the past, we’ve dropped foreign coins, metal pirate gold and silver doubloons, items from Oriental Trading Company, and knick-knacks from garage sales. Currently, we leave pathtags or keychains I make from charms (silver trees, gold trees, keys, compasses, and miscellaneous trinkets we find in caches), fishing line, metal rings, keyrings, and glass beads, along with our new calling card.


Trading Tips

  • Trade for equal or greater value
  • Do not leave food
  • Keep items G-rated (nothing dangerous or poisonous)
  • Remove junk (leaves, rocks, garbage)
  • Help keep the treasure cool; add more if you can


As a new mom, I look forward to teaching our little cacher how to trade fairly and think of others while geocaching. Preserve this kid-friendly activity and support families to get outside and explore together by upholding these unspoken rules.

I’m excited to see what we find in 2017!

If you’re interested in this topic or would like to see another’s perspective, check out the resources below! I enjoy reading about and watching other geocachers’ experiences, and I’d like to share a few sites I’ve found while writing this post. Do you have a geocaching related vlog, blog, or social media page? Let me know! Go explore!

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