How to Receive FREE Trackables

Getting free stuff is great. Getting free trackables? Super awesome. After a few years of interacting with the geocaching community, I have found four ways to receive free trackables that I’d like to share with you all. Oh yeah, and I’ll be giving away five trackable items next weekend. Keep reading to find out how to win!


  1. Trackable Promotions

Maybe this one is not a big secret to you, but if you go to, click on “Play,” and click on “Trackable Promotions” explains how to receive a free trackable, which are given out as a marketing technique. On Facebook, they also tend to announce promotions. I have attempted to get a Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Tin Cup trackables, but to no avail. My fingers are crossed for the next promotion!

  1. Geocaches: First to Finds and Events

Over time, I’ve gotten two trackables as first to find prizes. From the two events I’ve attended, many trackables have been given to those who signed the logbook. You either have to work on your speed, if you’re area geocachers are extra nice OR check out those events. Either way, hopefully you don’t have to travel too far!

  1. Social Media

Instagram and Twitter geocachers are extremely kind! Search for #geocache, #geocaching, #pathtag(s), #extagz, and #trackable(s) to find new people to follow. Facebook also has great people and groups. I’ve been a part of some geocoin, pathtag, and extagz pages, but I had to unfollow them because I was getting a little too greedy for my wallet! However, they do giveaways as well. I love using these networking sites to talk about my hobby and connect with geocachers all over the world, but you can also search these hashtags to find drawings and contests. I participate and hold competitions on my account, @GeoJangie; follow me for more chances to win trackables!

  1. GeoTours

If you go to, they have a page listing all the GeoTours in the world. GeoTours are the combination of geocaching and tourism, where you receive a list of geocaches to find while in a certain area or town. States also do GeoChallenges to showcase their state parks and historical sites. Some GeoTours award geocachers with a trackable if they complete the list of geocaches. I hope one is published in North Dakota for my family to discover!

If you know of any other ways to get free trackables, please let me know!

Lastly, I wanted to give away five trackables for everyone who has visited and read my blog; I appreciate it! Sophia, our little cacher, came a little early, so I wasn’t able to activate our Deadly Duck in time for the August 2016 Duck Dash. Instead, I’d like to see it explore a different area of the world.

To Enter: Guess how many pathtags are in my collection at the time of this post and email me your guess ( with your geo-name. I have a picture of my collection in the post “What are Trackables?” The closest guesser will receive the duck, second will receive the travel bug tag, and third, fourth, and fifth will receive one of our pathtags. If ties take place, the quickest to answer will win. You have until next Sunday, October 23rd, 2016 at 3:00PM (central time); I’ll share the winners on my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages, as well as email them on Monday, October 24th to collect their mailing addresses. Good luck!

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