Geocaching Date!

Here in the MonDak region, geocaching is our go-to afternoon dating choice. We are very grateful that we live around a lot of family, and luckily, they are thrilled to babysit when we ask. This past weekend, the J’s parents watched our little cacher for a few hours, so we could go on a geocaching date in the Watford City, North Dakota area. Keep reading to hear about our adventure!

Jangie, aka Angie and Jon

Jangie, aka Angie and Jon

After making bookmark lists of all the possible geo-day trips we could take, we decided on Watford City to find three geocaches (two of which are in the MonDak Cem Series). Below this paragraph is the screen shot of our map. We must plan our trips, since we live far away from geocaches and don’t want to waste time going after a cache that is very obviously missing or on a road that doesn’t link up to the main ones we would be driving. Let me know if you’re ever in the area and need help planning a geocaching trip!


Before we left Williston, we grabbed a couple Mountain Dews and some treats for our drive. We then headed to the Cherry cemetery, followed by Johnson Corner Cemetery. I like to say a few little prayers and send some thoughts to the families and people put to rest in these cemeteries. Maybe this is a tad sad or weird for a date, but hey, I’m kinda different. I mean, we’re out on dirt roads looking for film canisters and pill containers. Nothing about our hobby is “typical” behavior for 20-somethings in our town. We also like to enjoy the scenery and take our time on the dirt roads, trying to spot pheasants, deer, pronghorn, and other wildlife. I took a few pictures at these cemeteries. You can see the encroaching oil industry; it has slowed, but is definitely still active.



dsc_2914 dsc_2918




Our third and last find led us to a park. I’m not sharing any pictures at this location, since I didn’t want to give away spoilers in my blog. However, I will share one on my Instagram feed, if you’re interested in the hide (@GeoJangie). The cache we found was rated a D 4 / T 2.5, but within minutes we found the container, hidden under a log. I’m not sure if the CO was hiding this to fill in a certain D/T spot in others’ grids or if they just wanted to trick searchers in over-thinking the hide. Either way, we were happy to have set out to find three caches and score three smiley faces!

On our way home, we stopped to take a picture of this cute hay art. O, the sights of geocaching!


Thanks for reading. Go explore!


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