2016 Geocacher Wish List

The holidays should center on family and friends, appreciating the reason for the season. However, I also love brainstorming the perfect present for all the special people in my life to show them how much I really care and pay attention to their interests. So, if you feel the same as me, looking for a gift for a geocacher (or yourself), I’d like to help!

  1. Cache Crate Subscription

Cache Advance invented an exciting way to receive geocaching-themed boxes in the mail with a monthly subscription, aka Cache Crates. Wrap up the first month to put under the tree, and then perhaps hide a little ammo can ornament (Sportsman Warehouse sells gift card holders that look like ammo cans) on the tree with a note stating how many subscriptions the geocacher will receive (buy a month, 3 month, 6 month, or annual membership). Let your Cache Crate gift continue the holiday spirit long after the Christmas decorations have been put away.

  1. Home Décor

Etsy sells many creative home décor ideas for geocachers. This sign, “Not All Who Wander are Lost,” is a neat quote from one of J.R.R. Tolkien’s poems. To a muggle this might just be a tribute to Lord of the Rings, but to a geocacher, this saying summarizes our great hobby.

  1. I <3 Geocaching! Magnets

I’ve purchased these magnets for swag and to display on my fridge. This package of colorful “I love geocaching” magnets would work well for a stocking stuffer!

  1. Coordinates Keychain

Want to celebrate a milestone, special geocaching memory, or find? This is the gift for your geocacher. Customize the coordinates on this keychain to remember your exact favorite spot in the world.

  1. Cryptex Container

For that puzzle-loving geocacher, here’s a quizzical item. The creator states that the lock box can have 100,000 or 10,000,000 combination possibilities, whether you purchase a 5 or 7 digit combination. Plus, it can glow in the dark!

  1. Bird Cache

Here’s a geocache that tweets at geocachers, a rarity in the geocaching world. Spread the geo-love by gifting this to someone who would hide it and share the love of unique hides.

  1. Up-cycled Mittens

Etsy has many recycled sweater mittens for sale. I bought this pair for my mother-in-law for Christmas. Adorable, right? While searching for a geocache or hiking to the next, up-cycled mittens will keep your special geocacher’s hands ready to sign the log sheet.

Up-Cycled Wool Mittens (on Etsy)

  1. Wool Beanie

While we are on the subject of staying warm while winter geocaching, a wool beanie would be another great accessory for the geocacher in your life. Find a beanie of any color, size, or material for an ear-resistible present.

Ear-resistible Beanie

  1. iCache Geocoin

Any trackable would be a fun present for an avid geocacher, even more so if they collect them. I especially like @cw88gecoins and @tsunrisebey’s designs (on Instagram). CW88 will be releasing a neat llama geocoin next year. Here are their websites: http://geocoinsbycw88.tictail.com/ and https://www.tsunrisebey.com/. Search geocaching.com, Amazon, Cache Advance, or one of many other online stores for a unique trackable – animal, flag, Oreo – to make it a memorable gift. This little phone-shaped coin is calling out to be activated, tracked, or collected.

iCache Geocoin

  1. Geocaching Apparel

Add pieces of swag to your geocacher’s closet. My brother and I designed a few items, including the hoodie pictured below, which I just ordered for myself; you can see more products on our Apparel page. I worked with Spreadshirt, and if you follow the link once you add the items to your basket, the website typically has a coupon you can use. Most other geocaching-related stores sell clothing items too.

GeoJangie Gear (under “Apparel“)

Whatever gift you decide to give, remember that the best present is your time, time to join us outside and searching for geocaches. 

What geocaching-related gifts are you giving or have you received this season?

Go explore!

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