My Urban Adventure – Williston, North Dakota Style!

Urban Adventures launched a trackable promotion in October 2016, asking geocachers to show off their favorite local spots using the #localsknowgeocaching on Instagram. I luckily received one of these 1500 travel bugs and began brainstorming the cool locations I would take it. Unfortunately, blizzard conditions and wind advisories prevented me from traveling too far the first couple weeks I had the trackable in my possession. When the temperature finally reached over zero degrees Fahrenheit, my sister and I hit the road and went to Cut Bluff Historic Outlook to show off one of my favorite, quieter spots in town. The following are pictures of this park and other attractions I would suggest Williston geo-tourists to visit. My trackable’s hitchhiker showcases the theme of my mini tour.

  1. Cut Bluff Historic Outlook

Go east from Williston on Highway 1804 about two miles to find this quiet park, which commemorates Lewis and Clark’s campsite near Cut Bluff along the south banks of the Missouri River. This little gem is a perfect spot to snap pictures, eat a picnic, or simply enjoy a little North Dakota history, appreciating the expedition Lewis and Clark took for our land.

  1. Lewis and Clark State Park

This state park used to have a geocache, but it has since become archived. My family and I love this area, where we have frequently camped, hiked, ran, swam, boated, tubed, and fished. If you’re looking for the best campsite near Williston, this is it. Find more here.

  1. Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence Interpretive Center

A gorgeous setting, a view that the Lewis and Clark members saw during their expedition in 1805 and 1806, can be discovered at this center.  We’ve traveled out to this historic spot a couple times to soak in the scene, an awestriking meeting of two magnificent rivers. Read more here.

  1. Geocaches

Here’s a list of 5 of favorite geocache experiences and/or geocaches with a Lewis and Clark theme within 30 miles of Williston.


Want to watch my Urban Adventures trackable’s journey? Follow it’s expedition with the reference code TB80YZY or its map on

From my trek at Cut Bluff Historic Outlook, enjoy more pictures that I took on this frigid afternoon, while I froze my fingers and my sister sang to the open fields in her CRV.

Go explore!

***After writing this blog post, I was notified that one of my pictures won the Urban Adventures contest!


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