2016 Geo-Accomplishments

As 2016 comes to a close, I’ve decided to look over the year and share all my geocaching accomplishments, as well as most notable life events. My husband and I have traveled, discovered, hiked, shared, grown, learned, achieved, and adventured more than I thought! I challenge you to reminisce and share what you’ve accomplished too.

Jangie’s 2016 Geo-Accomplishments

  1. Hit 800 Finds

I wanted to hit number 800 this year; we began 2016 with 706 finds. Since I was pregnant and we had found the majority of the geocaches within 30 miles or more of our home, this was more difficult than I think most people would at first believe. This number includes the 4th oldest geocache in North Dakota and my 1st virtual (1 of the 3 in North Dakota). To reach this goal, we found geocaches in Dickinson, ND; Glendive, MT; Medora, ND; Belfield, ND; Plentywood, MT; Billings, MT; Fargo, ND; Jamestown, ND; Watford City, ND; and obviously, Williston, ND. So I’m very proud of this statistic, not because of the number, but because of what it stands for – the adventures, drives, and quality time with family.

Cacher Stats as of 12/30/16

  1. Completed 3 Pages of the North Dakota DeLorme Challenge

These 3 pages symbolize the 3 new areas of the state we viewed and enjoyed. I look forward to finding geocaches in more pages of the DeLorme atlas this next year. At the end of 2016, we’ve found geocaches in 28 of 57 squares on the map.

ND DeLorme Challenge as of 12/30/16

  1. Published 11 Geocaches

This past year, we’ve been able to publish 11 geocaches, including a multi-cache and an event cache. From my knowledge, this event cache was the first one in Williston. Plus, as a shy person, this was a major boost of self-esteem; I hosted an event for strangers, leading discussions and a drawing, and they had a good time. Now that’s an awesome feeling!

  1. Started GeocachingJangie.com

I’ve wanted to begin a blog for a long time, and I was glad I could finally sit down and find the time to write. I’ve enjoyed reading other blogs, sharing my perspective, and becoming more involved in the geocaching community.

  1. Grown on Social Media

Instagram is where I started sharing my geocaching experiences. I had no clue how much I’d enjoy taking pictures of all my finds and viewing other geocachers’ photos. When I began this blog, I opened an account on Twitter and set up a page on Facebook. As of today, December 30th 2016, I have 103 followers on Twitter; 2,345 followers on Instagram; and 24 likes on Facebook. Thank you so much for everyone who has joined in my adventures. I sincerely appreciated all your likes, shares, and comments. Please keep sharing (or start sharing) your geocaching adventures too!

2016 Top 9 on Instagram

  1. Presented at the Williston Parks and Rec Show

My husband and I were asked to give a presentation and have a booth at our town’s parks and rec show. We had a blast teaching people about this hobby. I helped set up a geocaching inspired scavenger hunt, which the kids loved. Again, as a shy person, this opportunity pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me gain confidence. I realized that public speaking is much easier when I really love the speech’s topic. Thanks geocaching!

Jon and Angie’s 2016 Life Events

  1. Visited Arizona Friends in March
  2. Moved Apartments in June
  3. Celebrated 1st Wedding Anniversary in June
  4. Gave Birth to Sophia in July


Thanks for reading and best wishes to you in 2017!

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