2017 Geo-Resolutions

2017 has begun! A new year, with new possibilities, new opportunities and a chance at new goals. 2016 was by far my best year yet. My husband and I got to meet our daughter, our little love. We feel content. At peace with where we are in life. Happy to be together. However, we enjoy to look ahead, sit down and think about what we can accomplish in the new year. Therefore, here are our geocaching resolutions and what we are looking forward to this upcoming year in our own lives. What are your resolutions or big life events this year?

Jangie’s 2017 Geo-Resolutions

  1. Find 900 Geocaches

We started 2017 with 810 finds. Included in our next 90 smiles, we’d like to find the remaining 4 geocaches in the 30 mile radius from our home and find a geocache in 5 or more areas in the DeLorme Challenge (currently, we are at 28 out of 57 pages).

  1. Attend and/or Host 2 Events

Our area geocachers could definitely use more events, who wouldn’t? I’d also love to attend the North Dakota Geocaching Association’s Caching and Camping event in Jamestown from June 23rd-25th. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to make it, but I’m keeping it in the back of my mind. I’ll also be researching bigger events, MOGA and MEGAs, that we could potentially go to in 2018.

  1. Place a Mini Series

For Christmas, I received 21 bison tubes, allowing me to imagine a bunch of different series. I do have glow in the dark tape, so maybe a night cache? Or I could use pebbles and camouflage them on a walking path in town? Or, something else? Do you have any ideas? Let me know!

  1. Publish Sophia Finds a Geocache

I’m writing a children’s book, that my mom is illustrating, based on geocaching in Williston, ND through my daughter’s eyes. We are learning as we go and super excited to see the finished product, which will be self-published through Amazon’s CreateSpace.

  1. Hold More Contests/Drawings

Giving away pathtags has been extremely fun on Instagram. I hope to have more geocaching-related items to giveaway this year too. Of course, I’m sure I’ll give out more pathtags; I create a new tag every year. Stay tuned!

Jon and Angie’s 2017 Life Goals and Upcoming Events

  1. Save Money

We will be sticking tighter to our budget, which will help us achieve our detailed financial goals we created together, plus I’ll be using Ibotta, a free app that gives you money when you buy select products; to me, it’s like reverse coupons! Try it with our referral code: “CNNSMPO.”

  1. Lose Weight

I want to lose 25 pounds. I gained 50 pounds while pregnant, and I have lost 30, but I’m still not comfortable in my clothes. I want to feel better about myself. Jon aims to lose 20 pounds. He’s already been losing some weight this past month, so I have no doubt he’ll succeed! The last picture on the right was taken a day before our daughter was born; she was 3 weeks earlier than expected.

  1. Travel to Visit Friends and Family

My best friend is having her third child, so I’d like to visit her in Arizona and meet the new baby. We’d also love to visit my brother in Plymouth, Minnesota, our friends in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and Jon’s siblings in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Plus, my sister plans on going to Fargo, North Dakota for college, so we’d like to visit her too.

  1. Attend Our Besties’ Wedding

We aren’t just attending a wedding; we’re attending some of our oldest and dearest friends’ wedding, while being a bridesmaid and groomsman down in Custer, South Dakota. We’re super pumped.

Thanks for reading! Best wishes to you in 2017!

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