Sophia’s Travel Bug

Only true geocachers would worry about how they would document the geocaches their little one will find with the family. When Sophia was born in July 2016, I started brainstorming how to best keep track of the geocaches she helps Jangie (her father and me) find, because she will love geocaching. I just know it. Starting a new account for her seemed like a decent idea, but also time consuming. Plus, she might want to go back and find certain geocaches that she won’t remember finding the first time.

Therefore, I decided to buy a travel bug and hitchhiker, which will easily capture all the geocaches Sophia finds with us, by “visiting” the geocache, “visiting” geocache events, and meeting geocachers by being “discovered.” I also plan on taking pictures with the hitchhiker and travel bug, sharing them with #SophiasTravelBug on Instagram. Sophia will be able to look back and see where she has traveled, the miles journeyed, states visited, geocaches found, geocachers met, and memories we’ve made like a virtual scrapbook. When she is older, I hope she will enjoy looking back over these pictures and continue her trackable’s adventures on her own.

Feel free to discover Sophia’s Travel Bug with code: QW2456.

Leave her a note, piece of advice, or geocaching story if you’d like. Follow her adventures on my account @GeoJangie or #SophiasTravelBug.

How do you keep track of your little one’s geocaching adventures?

Thanks for reading!


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