Discover My Geocoin Collection!

Winter, for me, means trackables.* Since the weather here in western North Dakota can be rather chilly and the snow somewhat hazardous at times, we don’t geocache that often between the months of November and March. However, this does not mean I stop my geocacher mind ticking. I like to take this time to brainstorm hides, trade pathtags, and design my annual pathtag. I decided to write a post showcasing my geocoin collection, as well as my personal pathtags and copy travel bug tags, which I’ll aim to keep updated. You’ll find below how I obtained these trinkets, their missions, photos, and codes, which you are welcome to discover (please do not “grab” them); the informational cards will probably best be viewed on your smart phone or if you enlarge the photo on your computer. I’d love to see your geocoin and/or personal pathtag collection! What is your favorite coin or tag? How did you receive it? How do you display your collection?

*If you’d like to read more about trackables, please visit my post: “What are Trackables?”

I recently bought a credit card/business card holder on Amazon to hold my coins, allowing them to be easily accessible for event discovering and carrying with me in my geocaching bag. I had to do quite a bit a research to find what I was envisioning – I do think there is a space to create a better way to display geocoins, especially for small collections like mine. Let me know if you know of such a contraption! Thanks for stopping by!

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