10 Reasons to Host an Event Cache

My family hosted an event cache this past weekend, “Coffee and Caching,” and I thought I’d share reasons why you should consider hosting your own event cache. This was my second hosted event and fourth event that I’ve attended. This also helped me get closer to achieving one of my 2017 resolutions (hosting and/or attending at least two events). Yippee! I also like events because they force me to get out of my shell and talk. If you’re like me, maybe plan on hosting an event with someone else (I made my husband come to both of mine) for your first time to ease your nerves. Please let me know your favorite memory from an event cache or reason for hosting one!

Iced Chai Tea, Sophia’s Travel Bug, & Log Book!

  1. Meet Faces Behind Names

I enjoy meeting the people who have found my caches, made caches I’ve found, followed in my footsteps, or paved the geo-trail. The game becomes much more real when you see the people who share the game with you.

  1. Swap Geo-Stories

Many geocachers would agree that it’s not the container that drives the adventure, but the journey to the cache. Even though we are all after the same containers, our stories may be very different; plus, we can relate to those police mishaps or trailblazing blunders.

  1. Add Another Smiley

Not until last year, when I hosted my first event, did I realize that even if you’re hosting the event, you can still log the “find” or “attended” log to add another find to your number. This is the only cache type that allows this type of logging consistently!

  1. Ask Questions and Give Advice

When you meet up with area geocachers, you can ask for hints or help cachers on those extra tricky hides! We talked about our perspectives on apps, good geocaching day trips in Montana, and event caches in North Dakota.

  1. Stay Indoors!

In the winter, you can have an event indoors and avoid the cold! We sat in a coffee shop watching the snowing falling outside, instead of on us.

  1. Give Away or Win Prizes

I like to give away a few small trinkets when I’ve hosted my events. This is not a necessity, but it can be fun, especially if you have a large store of unused containers or trackables. I drew names for a geocoin, two pathtags, and two bisons at this event. 5 people attended so each person won one prize.

  1. Choose a Simple or Extravagant Theme

Event Caches can be quick, a half hour meet and greet, flash-mob-style, or longer, a weekend-long camping event (North Dakota has their annual “Caching and Camping” event during the summer). The coffee meet-up I planned only required writing up a cache page online, putting together a few prizes, bringing a log sheet (a cheap, plastic coffee thermos seen in the first picture), and cutting up pieces of paper for the drawing. My event ended up lasting almost two hours, since we had such a great conversation going!

  1. Showcase Your GeoGear

I made sure my daughter and I were both wearing our geocaching shirts (my designed apparel), but I also noticed that other cachers at our event were decked out in geocaching clothes. One had a trackable on the back of her sweatshirt! Who better to appreciate your geocaching wardrobe then a bunch of geocachers?!

  1. Discover/Trade Trackables

I made sure to bring my binder of trackables to share with the attendants. Sometimes cachers have trackables they bring to help along their journeys and missions, but we didn’t have any this time.

  1. Have Some FUN!

Events are fun. That’s the bottom line. I think there should be more events, especially in my area, so geocachers can routinely get amped-up about our hobby and not miss out on any neat new feature (like an app, a podcast, an event, or what-have-you). Plus, I greatly enjoy reading over the logs I receive after my event.

Logs from My Event

Thanks for reading!

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Go explore!

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