My Little Free Library Geocache | Dream Big

Geocaching pushed me to be bold this past month. Equipped with my husband, a diversion safe, and Kat Kroneberg’s Dream Big Trackable, I published a new type of geocache in my town.

I have always loved the idea of Free Little Libraries, small wooden boxes where a person can trade or donate their used books, building a neighborhood of readers. In college, I actually did a mini project about this non-profit organization, since I thought it was such a cool idea! All over Instagram, an insta-cacher can find pictures of these colorful, creative little houses of books, which often contain unique geocaches. Learn more about these literacy adventures on:

On a walk this past year with my family, we stumbled upon one of these “take one, leave one” community libraries. As the winter progressed, I continued to think about asking the owners if we could place a geocache in their library. Finally, in January, I emailed them and anxiously waited for their reply. And boom! They agreed to let us place a cache in their library. I instantly began searching for the perfect container, landing on a fake dictionary safe, which I loaded with swag, a notebook, pens, and my Dream Big Trackable. Order your own diversion dictionary safe here.

Before placing the cache, I had to do a “photoshoot” with my little cacher and our trackable. I was tickled by the coincidence of receiving one of these trackables as I was brainstorming this cache’s creation and enjoyed documenting our time with this sunny TB. Kat Kroneberg decided to promote her book, Dream Big, by partnering with and creating 1,400 trackables to travel the globe, collecting photos of geocachers and their big smiles on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with #GeocachersDreamBig. She’ll be choosing three photos from February 2017 and October 2017 to receive an autographed book, as well as a final winner to receive three autographed books and $1,000 (fingers crossed!). Read more about this trackable promotion on: Check out her book on Amazon here.

Once I had everything prepped and photos taken, we set a time to meet up with the Little Free Library owners. We learned that the builder of the box decided to make it one summer as a craft. Both he and his daughter wanted to know about geocaching, so I gave them one of my pamphlets and briefly explained our great game. After answering their questions and having them approve our geocaching listing page, we placed the cache and swapped books (Froggy Bakes a Cake for Arthur’s Christmas). They were very nice and extremely gracious to allow us to place a game piece on their property. Super kind people! I made sure to give them my contact information in case they needed to reach us.

I wonder how many Little Free Libraries have geocaches inside them…Do you own a Little Free Library or a Little Free Library geocache? Have you found a geocache in a Little Free Library before? Please share pictures on Instagram or comment below.

I am excited, as I am with all of our geocaches, to share this spot with the geocaching community and look forward to reading the logs. Dream Big and go explore! Thanks for reading!

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