2017 Williston Sport and Rec Show: Geocaching Presentation!

Sharing my favorite hobby, aka geocaching, is absolutely awesome. In 2016, @VisitWilliston contacted me via Instagram to see if my husband and I were interested in giving a geocaching presentation at the Williston Sport and Rec Show. Well, of course we were! So after a successful talk and captivated audience, we were given another opportunity to present this year.

Collage of Instagram Pictures made by Prinkl

When I posted about our upcoming gig at the Sport and Rec Show on Instagram, I was slightly amazed to see how many other cachers give similar demonstrations in their hometowns. The main reason for my surprise was due to the lack of materials available for geocaching educators. Perhaps I haven’t searched certain sites or mediums well enough, but coming up disappointed by what I found, I decided to create my own teaching instruments. Even though I want to get more cachers out there, I don’t want them to get frustrated after a few DNFs or mistakenly take TBs, so I aimed to make learning tools that comprehensively describe our hobby without being overwhelming. Feel free to use these materials; I only ask that you mention my blog and/or handle.

@GeoJangie’s Pamphlet (Print on cardstock for more durability; one edge needs to be cut .5 inch.)

@GeoJangie’s PowerPoint

For our presentation, I handed out our pamphlets, gave the PowerPoint, answered questions, and then I offered to go on a guided geocaching hunt in the nearby park. My husband, little cacher, and I took a grandma and her two granddaughters geocaching on the second day of our presentation, and we all had a great time! They caught on very quickly!

First Find for These Sisters!

Our Little Cacher

First Geocache Find!

I’m always excited about transforming muggles into geocachers!

What great geocaching teaching tools do you use? What are other ways to get muggles involved in geocaching? How were you introduced to geocaching?

As always, go explore!

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