Our First CITO Event!

This past weekend, my husband and I traveled to Dickinson, ND for our first CITO Event! CITO means “Cache In, Trash Out” and is celebrated during Earth Day week. Geocachers receive a special souvenir symbolizing their efforts in keeping our “game board,” aka the earth, clean. We were excited to take a day to meet new cachers, find some caches, and help clean up a great North Dakota town. Since we were newbies, we didn’t totally know what to expect, and I wanted to share this experience with you!

We met in a mall parking lot to clean a nearby area, which had a geocache located in it. Since we arrived early, we found the geocache and stretched our legs.

After everyone arrived, we cleaned the area and then drove to another area across town, which had a multi-cache and a traditional cache. This is where we took a group picture; unfortunately, two of our group had already left.

When we finished cleaning, we traded pathtags, swapped trackables, discovered trackables, and shared caching stories.

We enjoyed the event very much and will hopefully be able to attend another next year! Did you attend a 2017 CITO event or receive your 3 millionth geocache souvenir this weekend?

Thanks for reading!

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