2017 Cache Maintenance Tales

Once the weather starts to warm-up, and the snow and ice melt away, I start planning my annual cache check. I see this as a required responsibility as a cache owner, and I make it a point not to place any more caches during the new season until I know all my current ones are in great shape. CO duties can easily be seen as a chore, especially if the owned caches in question are miles away from home or one after another end up missing. However, I see many bonuses and positive reasons to enjoy cache maintenance. Here are my 2017 maintenance stories.

After 2017 Maintenance: 45 Hides; 29 Active Caches

First off, I make sure I have swag to stock my caches, so I need to take a quick trip to Wal-Mart and/or the Dollar Store. During the summer, I try to find neat trinkets and toys at garage sales, but I was out of swag this year, so Wal-Mart it was.

Then I made sure I had new log sheets, which I luckily did, or else I’d have to print and cut more of those as well. I started by making a list of all my caches, crossing out those that were published 6 months ago or less, since I had not received any DNF or Needs Maintenance emails from them. Next, I categorized my caches by area, slowly chipping away at certain locations in town (or out of town). My little cacher came along to some of our caches, since they were along our favorite stroller running route.

I’d say 50% of my caches needed new log sheets, all needed more swag (if they were large enough to hold it), and 3 had to be archived (I replaced the container more than twice or the container was one I bought online and could not reproduce it). I really enjoyed some logs I found and the bacon necklace swag in one cache, which I left for the next finder.

Trackables! This year I discovered so many geocoins and travel bugs; the inventory was actually correct on all my geocaches! Here are the ones I found.

These trackables also showed a couple new sites for me to check out – gxproxy.com and directmint.com. I especially liked that silver Alaska geocoin proxy.

I saved my favorite location for last, allowing myself to absorb the view and soak in the fact I own the geocache on the overlook of Epping/Springbrook Dam. Each year, I GET TO take the time to drive out of town and gaze over the prairie. What a great excuse to do some cache maintenance!

How did your 2017 cache maintenance go? Do you have a favorite reason to check on your cache hides? What swag or TBs did you discover?

Thanks for reading!

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