How to Get “FREE” Pathtags

Each year, starting in 2014, I have designed and bought my own pathtag. Every year, I have balked at the price; $110 + shipping and handling for the base price? Plus $25 for a design partner? The coupons the site offers are nice, but I wanted a cheaper option. A FREE option.

When our daughter was born and I became a stay-at-home mom, I started researching ways to budget and save money, as well as methods to make a little extra cash too. After testing multiple avenues, I’ve arrived at 3 apps that I love, because with only a few extra minutes before I go to the grocery store, I’ve made close to $300 in 4 months. I consider this credit as extra dough, fun money, cash I don’t feel as guilty spending on non-necessities, aka pathtags.

2017 Original Picture and Pathtag Inspiration

Top 3 Money-Making Apps

  1. Ibotta

Download the app and use my referral code: CNNSMPO to receive a $10 welcome bonus (and I get $5!) or click here for this deal. After you claim $20 in rebates, you can transfer this money to your PayPal account or a gift card (where the minimum balance varies). This is my big money maker; in 4 months’ time, I’ve earned over $130 in cash back. Ibotta, more like you gotta have this app!

  1. Checkout 51

Download the app and enjoy a smaller quantity, but different variety of items than Ibotta. Checkout 51 requires you have a $20 balance before you cash out to a PayPal account. I’ve received about $60 in 4 months’ time on Checkout 51. Boom. Check. Me. Out.


Download this app and select your favorite stores. Again, you receive a different variety of items with Coupons than the two apps above. Once the app has validated your purchases, they’ll instantly send that rebate to your PayPal account, no matter the amount. Paper coupons are in the past. I’ve probably gotten about $20 back with this back since downloading it 3 months ago.

Once you rack up at least $110 (the base price before shipping and handling), head over to and you can pay for your new tag right through the paypal site – making your transaction even easier, since the credit is already there! This is my first year using this technique, and I will definitely be doing it again next year.

2017 Pathtag Blueprint

Try out these apps and tell me what you think, and let me know if you have any questions too! Do you have other ways to save on pathtags or easily make a little extra money from home? I’d love to hear your savings stories or secret tricks to funding your geocaching hobby! Please share pictures of your “FREE” pathtags with me.

Thanks for reading!


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