8 CO Pet Peeves

Lately, I’ve been a bit bummed as a cache owner. Don’t get me wrong, I love placing hides, especially unique ones, for other cachers to find, giving them reasons to go outside and explore. However, when I have to archive some super neat containers, either that I’ve bought or created, I get disappointed in the game. So, I decided to share my CO pet peeves as a way to therapeutically relieve myself from my current annoyances. My family and friends aren’t CO’s, so they are unable to understand, but perhaps you will. You’re not alone! Do you have any CO pet peeves not listed? Which pet peeve irks you the most?

  1. “Must have been muggled.” 

Uh…you have 3 finds. Maybe before you resort to “finding” this “muggled” cache, you ask for a hint or admit you may not be able to find that D3.5/T1.5 the first time around. It’s okay to DNF.

  1. When the above log is correct…

Double annoyance. Another container bites the dust. Replace or archive?

  1. “TFTC” or “Birdhouse”

TFTC, aka “Thanks for the cache.” Real original – I’m glad my time and money mean so much to you! “Birdhouse” – yes. That is the container.

  1. Replace as found or “BETTER?!”

If I can’t find my own cache….come on? The D/T rating was decided for a reason, take this D1.5/T2 that turned into a D1.5/T4…

  1. “Need new log,” “Log is full,” “Soggy, full log”

Oh, so this cache needs a new piece of paper in it? Maybe you could help a CO out? Just an idea…

  1. Bad Swag

Over the years, I’ve found some terrible “swag” in my containers. Why would anyone leave a tampon? Matches? Lighter? Beer? I mean…no one is laughing.

  1. Stolen Caches

So you’re telling me that a muggle randomly walked up to sign and removed my magnetic bolt? Or the fake stick on a tree in the middle of nowhere? How about the fake magnetic plate on the side of box? Nah…I don’t think muggles are that crafty.

  1. “Advice”

So you think my TB hotel is “off the beaten path” – maybe there is a reason for that?! Do you know how many TBs go missing? This TB hotel has received a few of these logs, but you know what else? It’s never been muggled! Over 2 years old and never muggled! I call that success. Thank you very much!

Overall, what bothers me the most is the lack of proper geocaching education and respect from other cachers. Let’s make a pact to work together and make this game great!

Now to move onward and work on my new series…

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