Summer P.E. and Geocaching

We have some awesome teachers in our town! The summer P.E. teachers are extra cool in my book, because, for the past couple years, my husband has taught a class on geocaching for two summer P.E. sessions. This year, I helped him. I’d like to share what worked best for us, in case you need some ideas to plan a summer geocaching P.E. class in your area, plus it’s super neat to see teachers incorporate geocaching into their lessons.


Our town has the perfect park to teach geocaching, a mile loop around a lake with about seven caches placed around it. What worked best for us was to have the P.E. class drive a bus to the park, which became our home base and where we spoke to all the students.


I brought our pamphlets, passed them out, and began speaking. I like to begin with the history of geocaching, explain how Jon and I started geocaching, and then go through the pamphlet, expanding a bit on each section. When I’m done talking, I ask if anyone has any questions.

Download Apps and Connect to Wi-Fi

In the pamphlet, I say that Cachly and the official geocaching apps are my favorites. However, for free apps, allowing all the caches to appear on the map, we have the group download CacheBot or c:geo.  We then split into groups including one adult and one hotspot, so students won’t have to use data.


For our location, the groups were allowed one hour to geocache. My group was the only one to find all the geocaches – quick walkers, plus I think a couple kids had already found some of the caches! This was (of course) my favorite part. I shared some of my adventure stories, FTF prizes, swag finds, plus I got to talk with the students and see what they thought was fun about the hobby. We found a dead little baby turtle (the size of a quarter) and a dead cat, both were highly interesting to my group. They were taking snapchats and pictures with the dead cat. Even though it was slightly strange, they were having fun, and that was the important part! Right?! Teamwork, exercise, and the outdoors!

Practice Sign

When each group finished, we met back at the bus, where my husband and I had placed our sign – a project inspired by Southern Oregon Geocaching on Instagram (@southern_oregon_geocaching). My dad and I built the sign containing seven hidden containers (with room for more). Even though my dad doesn’t quite get my hobby, he thoroughly enjoyed creating this contraption. I loved spending time with him in his element. He’s an engineer that loves to tinker; hopefully one day, I can get him to design and built an epic gadget cache! Fingers crossed! Anyway, the sign was a big hit. We plan on using it during our other educational opportunities, like the spring sport and rec show in our town.

Capture the Moment

Take pictures and share them with the group!

Have you taught a geocaching P.E. class? What suggestions do you have to make the class successful and fun? Have you gotten to intertwine school with geocaching? How so?

I wish I went geocaching with my summer P.E. class! What lucky kids!

Thanks for reading – here are some more pictures of our sign!


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