5 Reasons to Wear Pants (While Geocaching)

  1. Unwanted Stares

I have to say it! If you weren’t wearing anything to cover up the downstairs, people will probably stare…and do you really want to draw attention to yourself while geocaching? Um…muggles! (I realize other clothing options are available other than pants, but the title of this post may be misleading.)

  1. Bug and Snake Bites

Alright…now let’s be serious. Heavy denim and canvas, even some leggings will deter at least half your body to bug (pesky mosquitoes!) and snake (striking rattlesnakes!) bites. When you’re out, distracted by the treasure, you want all the extra protection you can get!

This is my arm, and this is not my pet mosquito. We parted ways shortly after taking this picture.

  1. Plant Attacks

Stickers, burrs, sticks, thorns, poison ivy, and more like to protect their ground. One of my most common injuries while out caching is being scratched by a sharp branch. BUT! If I wear pants, this injury is easily prevented. Also, a quick rhyme of advice – leaves of three, let them be – and if you do rub up against poison ivy, attempt to not touch your clothes.

Mini story: I went solo caching one day and accidentally rubbed up against some poisonous plant while wearing shorts. I was covered in itchy, red bumps, ruining my experience (DNF-ed that one!) and forced to go shopping for calamine lotion. The rash went away, but the memory remains. Sometimes you learn the hard way…

  1. Sunscreen – Only Apply Once!

Save money on sunscreen! No need to worry about sun burning your legs when you’re wearing pants! Sun burnt thighs are not my favorite, especially for a long drive home.

  1. Protection Against Gravel, Feces, and More!

Geocaches can be anywhere, so geocachers may resort to many tactical moves to retrieve the container. Lying underneath picnic tables, crawling through bushes, or sitting on the ground to sign logs can all be more enjoyable with pants. When the cache is calling, the real focused cacher will stop at nothing to get the container in his/her hands. If you prepare yourself by wearing pants, you won’t need to worry about scrapes and bruises after the find. I added feces, because when out in the wood, I often realize I knelt in deer or rabbit poop once I’ve finished signing the log. Facepalm!

Is there a reason to wear pants while geocaching that I missed? Please let me know!

Be safe out there and keep exploring! Thanks for reading!

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