7 Signs You’re an Insta-Cacher

One of my favorite outlets for sharing my geocaching adventures is Instagram. Hi, my name is Angie, and I’m addicted to Insta-Caching. Here are 7 signs you might be addicted to snapping geocaches’ portraits too.

  1. You Aim to Capture the Cache’s “Good Side” and the GZ’s Scenery

Good photographers will do anything for that perfect shot. I try to find the best view at every GZ with its geocache, even if it means lying on the hot pavement or dirt path.

  1. You Shy Away from Night Caching Due to the Poor Lighting

Sunsets can add an extra layer to your photo, but once the sun is gone, you are too. Why geocache at night if you can’t take a picture and share it on IG?!

  1. Your Geo-Partner Signs While You Have a Mini Photo Shoot

I’ll be honest; Jon has signed WAY more logs than me. He signs “Jangie” so well, what can I say? Plus he likes rolling up those micro sheets. We’re a great team!

  1. You Think Duct-Taped Coffee Containers Can Be Gorgeous

Every cache is beautiful. Don’t you agree? That shredded camo-job adds character!

  1. You Have a TB Hitchhiker That Appears in All Your Posts

Some famous Geo-Instagram accounts instantly come to mind. We started taking pictures with my daughter’s trackable (#SophiasTravelBug) and all her journeys. We’re adults sharing photos of toys…that’s normal, right?

  1. You Have More Cache-Related vs. People Pictures on Your Camera Roll

Scan your phone’s library. What is the ratio of geocaches, trackables, and swag compared to people? You’re one step closer to IG-Cacher status if you have more Tupperware pics than photos of your kid.

  1. You Have a Geocaching Instagram Account

I started sharing my geocache adventures in 2013 and morphed my then new Instagram account to solely an Insta-Cacher account. Last year, once my daughter was born, I opened a personal account. I’m more active on my @GeoJangie account. The IG-Cacher community is where I belong!

Can you relate to this post? How many “signs” can you check off? Please let me know if another indicator exists that proves you’re an Insta-Cacher. Thanks for reading! Keep those IG pics coming!

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