Our #MWGeoTrail Adventure! | Mountain Warehouse | Summit Trail

Mountain Warehouse inspired our most recent adventure – hiking North Dakota’s Summit Trail. We were ecstatic to receive a Mountain Warehouse trackable in the mail, plus amazing gear from their store to help promote their 2017 summer campaign. I wanted to write this post to share Mountain Warehouse’s promotion, our recent summer hike in the Badlands, and my mini Mountain Warehouse giveaway for you – my followers and readers!

Mountain Warehouse #MWGeoTrail Campaign (aka EPIC GIVEAWAYS!)

If you haven’t heard, all the Mountain Warehouse stores are giving away trackables for FREE(!!!), so call up your local store, make sure they are still in stock, and go pick one up OR find one close to you by visiting this page and clicking “Find A Trackable.” Make sure the trackable is activated by going to geocaching.com/track.  Then, start your adventure! Find a geocache, snap a picture that embraces these three principles: 1. use of the Mountain Warehouse animal trackable; 2. creativity; 3. how it captures the element of adventure of the competition, and share your picture on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and/or Twitter with #MWGeoTrail and #contest. Once you have taken your picture, leave the trackable in the cache. We want to see these cute animals travel the world on social media!

The competition runs from June 13th, 2017 – September 1st, 2017. After this period, the judges will choose 8 winners. 1 adult cacher will win 2 plane tickets to anywhere in the world (where’s your dream cache located?!), 1 junior cacher will win an exciting day out for 4, and 6 winners will win $130 worth of Mountain Warehouse products. Pretty awesome, right?! Click here for the full terms and conditions.

Preparing for Summit Trail

Back to our hike! We needed to put a little extra thought into this trip, since it was our first hike with our daughter. I made a list of needed items and transferred everything into one of our new Mountain Warehouse day packs (guys, they literally have a bag for every sized adventure – view their comprehensive list of backpacks here). Plus, I made sure to activate our trackable, Jimmy Talon, and attach a hitchhiker on him, a USA ribbon.

The Hike

We began the day early, because the temperature here in North Dakota was expected to hit 103̊F. We traveled about an hour to the trailhead, strapped our little cacher on my husband’s back, and began walking (with a purpose!). The first geocache gave us our first real glimpse of the trail’s beauty, a nice view of the badlands, only the cusp of what was to come.

Moo-ggles watched us hike to the next geocache, and we had to watch for their pies. Luckily, we all kept our space. The second location provided a beautiful scene to feed our little a bottle and rest, soaking in North Dakota’s Grand Canyon.

Of course, I took the opportunity to take pictures. Jimmy Talon received a mini photo shoot, I brought out our selfie stick, and we enjoyed the brief pause during our afternoon.

The third cache was in a whole new terrain compared to the last two hides. We walked through a tree tunnel, when the trees encircle the trail. This was the hardest cache to find for the day, due to so many hiding spots, but the elusive container didn’t stay hidden from us for long!

The final cache on our hike took us through some of the most stunning views I’ve seen in North Dakota. We tried to capture this awesome sight, but pictures fail to show its depth and movement. You’ll have to visit and hike Summit Trail yourself!

We found the fourth cache of the day (and a tick crawling on my arm!) and turned around to head home. Our daughter fell asleep at this point and slept until we reached the truck.

When we returned to our truck, we let our little cacher stretch her legs and play with Jimmy Talon the trackable (and dry off from dad’s sweaty back). He told me there’s a big difference from walking 4 miles, hiking 4 miles, and hiking with a baby on your back for 4 miles. I’m grateful I had the backpack, which got lighter the further we hiked!


Selfie with Jimmy!

My Mini Mountain Warehouse Giveaway

Since Mountain Warehouse so kindly gifted me with their products, I wanted to give back to you, my awesome readers and followers. I have put together a small group of items: a dark blue cap, a red “not all who wander are lost” water bottle, and a head lamp, plus I’ll be giving the winner our activated trackable. I trust the winner will take amazing pictures, post them to their social media account(s) of choice, and place the TB in a new cache for others to find in a timely matter (2 weeks is etiquette). To win this small prize package, you can compete on Instagram (I will be posting on Tuesday, July 17th, 2017 with instructions), and/or you can send me an email (JangieGoWest@gmail.com) of you sharing this post on your social media account (ex. a screenshot of your tweet). Each person can receive two entries.

This contest will run until Sunday, July 23rd, 2017, when I will put everyone’s names into a random drawing with an online tool, and announce on Monday, July 24th, 2017 the winner. I will contact the winner via their form of entry into the contest. I’d also like to add how cool I think it is Mountain Warehouse supports geocaching (has your go-to caching store held a contest just for geocachers?!). They have everything you need for your next caching trip – bug and tick spray, clothing, backpacks, hiking sticks, head lamps for night caching, and so much more – my new favorite outdoor store. Thank you, Mountain Warehouse!

On a Final Note…

Thanks for reading my posts, viewing my pictures, and caching – you make the geocaching community great! Have a fantastic week and good luck winning those plane tickets!

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