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One reason I love trackable promotions, besides the free trackable and chance to win sweet prizes, is the challenge to see geocaching through a different perspective. Hurtigruten recently released 3,000 trackables with the prompt to “Connect with Your Inner Explorer.” I struggled initially with this request, since I wanted to capture the essence of the phrase, but my mind thought of many interpretations to do this.  In the end, we took our Hurtigruten penguin on a few adventures that allowed us to connect with our inner explorers through multiple avenues, which I’d like to share with you all.

Connect with Your Inner Child

As soon as we opened our Geocaching HQ envelope, our little cacher and I went on a walk. At the end of our route, we stopped in a park to take pictures with our new trackable. I like finding random kid friendly locations to let our daughter crawl around and explore. She has inspired me so much this first year as a mom to appreciate the world. The sun, the breeze, a tree’s shadow – they are all so new and mysterious to her. She’s constantly exploring, and geocaching is a lot like that for me. Geocaches lead me to new roads and adventures. Geocaching connects me to my inner child.

Connect with Your Inner Risk Taker

High terrain ratings scare me! Here in North Dakota, high terrain typically means a butte. Buttes are basically lumpy squares in shape, so climbing them can make you go vertical at times with a very long, painful tumble if you lose your footing in the loose rocks and cacti. I’ve been shying away from one geocache that is located on Sheep Butte, but with our Hurtigruten trackable in hand, my husband and I decided to attempt this more extreme geocache.

First we had to hike about half a mile, gradually becoming more nervous about our ascent. Instead of walking around the base of the structure, we chose a spot and started climbing/crawling. Once we reached the top, I realized my hand was bleeding (only slightly) – that’s how focused I was. We made it up the steep incline and claimed that smiley! The view was not disappointing in the least. I awarded this one a fav point.

If you’re interested, here’s a photo of the swag inside this butte-iful container. The most original item, to me, was a disposable camera; we might have to copy that idea.

Of course, we then took pictures with our Norwegian penguin. Not bad for a first geocaching experience, eh little guy?

And then we went back down…sliding most of the way – didn’t want to miss the scenery!

Connect with Your Inner Pioneer

On a road trip home from a family reunion, we had to stop a couple times. One of these breaks needed to include a geocache…duh…. We chose a cache that allowed us to walk with our little cacher and let her crawl around a bit. Plus, I had to drop off a trackable and score some Mary Hyde points (gotta get those 2017 summer souvenirs!). An old, covered wagon was parked at the GZ, so I knew I had to take another picture with our penguin. If you haven’t read about North Dakota pioneers, then you’re missing out on some EPIC stories. I reluctantly took a History of North Dakota class in college and am so grateful I did. Their journeys, struggles, and victories make me so appreciative of the life we now have on the prairie. I’m so thankful we get to use iPhones instead of the stars to find geocaches! If they aren’t true explorers, I’m not sure anyone is.

Connect with Your Inner Lizzy

My sister is one crazy kid. She has been sleeping in my parents’ backyard in a hammock this summer (maybe too excited for college?) and never shies away from an adventurous trip (buttes are her playground equipment). When I told her I wanted to grab a coffee and get lost down some dirt roads in search of a new geocache location, she was game (probably thought it was a rather tame afternoon agenda). Well, we got lucky and found the perfect tree and scenery just aching for my puzzle box geocache. I left our Hurtigruten trackable to be discovered and grabbed, but first my sister and I had to take a picture. She randomly had pink flamingos in her trunk, so those made the photo too.

In a little less than two weeks’ time, I’ve definitely found, connected, and embraced my inner explorer – all thanks to a little metal penguin keychain.

If you’d like to know more about the Hurtigruten trackable promotion, click here.

Where did you take your Hurtigruten trackable? How do you “Connect with Your Inner Explorer?” Thanks for reading!

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