Virtual Trackable Race! | Magic: The Gathering

Join my virtual trackable race and have a chance to win a Magic: The Gathering Treasure Piece promotional trackable!

Geocoins and other trackables are pieces of art, tiny treasures, gifts, and milestone badges. Understandably, they can be hard to leave in geocaches, so geocachers may find themselves purchasing coins and then placing them in boxes or coin holders, never to see another geocacher’s hands again. Here’s an opportunity for one of your precious trackables to visit the online geocaching community and travel virtually from geocacher to geocacher (without receiving fingerprints or the chance of getting lost)!

Competition Inspiration

I was inspired by @lareau67 on Instagram when he posted a geocoin to be virtually grabbed online. His coin had traveled 83,710.5 miles within 24 hours! When I saw his post, I was inspired, and my mind started brewing up a competition. Of course, once I came up with the basic idea, prizes were the next step to make this a little more fun!

Magic: The Gathering Trackable Prizes!

Coincidently, Geocaching HQ sent me an email, along with other global geocaching influencers, asking if I’d be interested in spreading the news about the expansion of Magic: The Gathering’s card game’s trackable partnership with geocaching. Of course I said yes! Totally awesome! They kindly sent me a package full of trackables to share that Magic: The Gathering is releasing a new card set, IXALAN. Go check it out! I plan to visit our local game shop with my younger brother to hopefully watch a Magic Friday night game session.

You’ll be able to request your own trackable on, but only 1,500 will be given out globally – yes, internationally! So, boom! I now had my hands on some great prizes, very unique, limited trackables.

Enter the Race

Are you ready to join the fun? Find or buy yourself a spare trackable, take its picture, and share it online. Ask people to “grab” your trackable (instead of “discover”) and “drop” it in a cache near them to collect miles. The three owners that have their trackables travel the furthest distance virtually by August 31st, 2017 will receive a Magic trackable!

To enter, please:

  1. Find a trackable that you own AND is in your physical possession with 0 miles traveled online.
  2. Post your trackable’s code online via Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook with instructions to “grab” the code/trackable.
  3. Tag me, @GeoJangie, in your post and use #VirtualTBRace (you can add the link to this blog post if you’d like to share the contest with your followers).
  4. Email me ( the following: your trackable’s code (reference or tracking), your geocacher name, and your social media handle of choice(ex. @GeoJangie on Instagram).
  5. Keep sharing your code until August 31st!

I will review the codes on September 1st to see which trackable has traveled the furthest distance and notify the winner via their social media handle. The winner must have a trackable that began traveling during this contest and is owned by the entrant. Once the code is released to the internet, your trackable will be up for grabs to the geocaching community, so if you don’t want random people discovering/grabbing your trackable, please do not enter this contest.

Here is my virtual traveler, which I’m releasing to you all to “grab” at the start of this contest. “Drop” it in a cache near you, and the next person will grab it and drop it again. I will be deleting all “discover” logs.

Good luck and have fun receiving geo-emails!

I also received my first Lackey TBs for helping out with the promotion! Too cool!

Edit: Final Results and Thoughts

First off, a BIG thanks to everyone who was involved in this virtual race – the grabbers, droppers, and owners of the trackables. The race would not have existed without you.

This whole experiment spurred from the fact that I wanted to do something new for a contest (other than having people like, share, and tag people to enter a drawing for a TB). I’d love to hear what types of giveaways you like to enter – what is a creative way to give out geocaching prizes in the future?

To those who may attempt a virtual trackable race themselves, I thought I’d add a few of my realizations during the race. Rules I would have added: a geocacher can only move a TB once (avoids a geocacher’s friend dropping and grabbing a TB from across the world back and forth), and the TB only moves between archived geocaches (doesn’t confused COs or other geocachers). Items to consider: people will discover the TB and the code will forever be on the internet, especially if others are sharing the code.

Overall, I think the race went fairly well. I wish an easier way existed to compete for virtual miles or some sort of souvenir for owners with TBs that travel a certain distance. The whole trackable area is extremely interesting and neat to me, so I’m disappointed there isn’t more we can do in that area as geocachers. If only trackables were never lost or stolen and they were photographed during their journeys consistently…that’d be epic! Maybe one day…until then, may the TBs be ever in your favor.

The Final Results

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