We’re Gonna Find a Geocache! | Book Review

I’m on the hunt for literary geocaching treasure. As of late, I’ve decided to add some geocaching-related books to my family’s library. Our little cacher loves to read, so I chose to write my first book review on a children’s book, We’re Gonna Find a Geocache! written and illustrated by Timberline Echoes.

My Reading Experience

The upbeat story, We’re Gonna Find a Geocache!, is set to the chant “Going on a Bear Hunt,” creating a rhythmic read aloud following a geocache adventure. The book walks the reader through a day of geocaching from explaining the required tools in geocacher jargon to allowing the reader to find geocaches hidden throughout the pages. The fun onomatopoeias and forest scenery interested my young reader (1 year old). She enjoyed hearing me make unique sounds, like the “sh plunk, squish, squash, squish” of a mud puddle, and pointing out the many creatures hidden amongst the trees and bushes. As night falls, the reader runs back over the trail and logs his/her finds at home, a fitting end to the tale.


Readers of any age would enjoy this book; however, children who can join in the chant would be able to participate more in the reading style (echoing the chant) and understanding of the overall plot. The authors and illustrators are long-time geocachers (starting in the spring of 2004), and their experience shows. They’ve included a geocaching glossary as a resource. The illustrations are set in the summer. Lush trees and pink flowers cover the pages, helping the reader imagine a perfect day to be outdoors. My favorite piece of art is a dragonfly, often found flying from scene to scene, which is so intricately drawn. The purpose to bring readers on a geocaching day trip is successful. Finding multiple types and sizes of geocaches showcases the wide variety of adventures geocaching has to offer.

Purchase Information

I bought this book on Amazon for $9.99 (click here to view it). Considering the piece was self-published through CreateSpace, this seems like a very reasonable price for a full-color children’s book containing 34 pages.

About My Book Reviews…

I plan on writing geocaching-related book reviews as a means to share other geocachers’ work. This means, I will write my opinion, but I’m going to keep these posts in a positive light. I want people to read and support these geocachers, and perhaps become inspired to write their own books; we could always use more geocaching stories in the world! I’ll be choosing books that are suggested by you, novels that look interesting due to plot summaries or star reviews (either on Amazon or Goodreads), and not classic “how-to’s.” The link I’ve included is associated with Amazon.com’s Affiliate Program, allowing my site to earn an advertising income.

Please send me your recommendations via email (JangieGoWest@gmail.com), message, or comment! I look forward to many pages of geocaching adventures, especially when the weather turns cold and cozy blankets relocate to the couch.

If you’ve read this book, please comment your thoughts below. Thanks for reading!

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