The MAGIC of Geocaching | Magic: The Gathering

Geocaching brings people together, and some say it can be a magical experience. At least, that’s what the Magic promotion is all about – having Magic players and geocachers come together to celebrate a trackable campaign and new card set. Being inspired by this idea, I decided to make a trip over to my town’s Magic store to talk to the owner, drop off 3 trackables and pamphlets, and snoop around the shop.

The Owner, A Geocacher?

Unfortunately, the store owner did not know much about geocaching or this trackable promotion. However, I didn’t take that against him; he seemed like a super nice guy. Plus, he said that his brother’s family geocached in another state, so that almost counts. I explained the promotion, brought out my shiny trackables, and asked if he’d want to give them away during a tournament. He agreed to hand out the TBs during the IXALAN card set release party in September, along with the brochures about geocaching I gave him.

When I handed over the TBs and pamphlets, he graciously gave me two packs of Magic cards. How cool, right?! I’ve been trying to get my brother involved in a new activity in town for a while, I explained to the owner. He’s a senior in high school that just lost many of his friends to college. Besides Heartstone, League of Legends, and Pokémon Go, he doesn’t do too much. The store hosts five nights of magic games during the week and a tournament on Friday evenings. If you live in the Williston, North Dakota area, here’s a link to their Facebook page: Grand Slam Gaming, Cards and Comics – Williston. Go check them out!

Playing Magic with My Brother

Well, we had the cards, and my family loves games, so we sat down, read the instructions, and played Magic for the first time. Let me tell you, I’m no pro. Slowly, I began to understand the rules and a bit of the strategy. My brother is extremely patient, thankfully, so he kept explaining how I could have chosen better moves. He took our two packs of cards to show his friends. Hopefully, he’ll play with me again!

#VirtualTBRace to Win a Magic Trackable

To those interested in learning more about Magic: The Gathering’s promotion and why I received this trackables, please visit my post: Virtual Trackable Race.

During this promotion, I received 10 trackables. 3 of these went geocachers, the winners of the virtual race. 3 went to Magic players. 1 I kept for myself. 1 I left in my 900th geocache (Homesteader’s Cove). 2 unactivated trackables remain in my possession…where should they end up? Did you receive a Magic: The Gathering trackable? How did you get one (via a contest or through Geocaching, HQ)? What do you think of Magic the card game?

Thanks for reading – have a MAGIC-ally filled day!

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