W.O.W. Weekend Workshop | Lake Metigoshe

My weekend at Lake Metigoshe started in a panic! A panic alarm that is. Somehow, as soon as I parked my car at Quilt Inn, the hotel about a mile away from the state park where my younger brother, John, and I stayed, my car’s panic system screamed our arrival. After attempting multiple maneuvers, my dad came to the rescue from miles away with the solution. Glad I keep my parents on speed dial for these situations! This post is all about the geocaching experience in the Bottineau, North Dakota and Lake Metigoshe State Park area, as well as the Geocaching 101 class I assisted in teaching through W.O.W. (Women of the Wilderness).

When 3 vehicles pull off onto the side of the road, muggles get confused. Geocachers laugh.

Once we settled into our hotel, my brother and I headed back to town for church at St. Mark’s and supper at Pizza Inn. We then had to take a swing by the iconic tourist stop in town for a selfie. The cache placed at this location was disabled when we visited, unfortunately, but the picture is a great memento from our trip!

Rain and darkness forced us to stay indoors for the night, allowing us to rest up for the next day’s class. We were given a tasty breakfast of eggs, sausage, and potatoes at the state park’s dining hall and then went to the classroom, decorated in an epic North Dakota theme.

About a month prior to the W.O.W. weekend, Pam (aka meoutdoors) asked me to assist her in teaching the session due to health reasons. I was ecstatic she thought of me; we had met this past year at my first CITO event. I revised my PowerPoint slides and brought my brochures that accompany the presentation. Pam and I spoke to the eleven women who signed up for the Geocaching 101 session and handed out goodie bags and door prizes kindly provided by Pam.

Once everyone had downloaded an app and understood the basics, we went to the trails! Lake Metigoshe has many caches placed by the state park’s ranger, Amy (aka MetigosheRanger). Plus, MinotRanger has placed a mini series along the outskirts of the park. Here’s a screenshot of the state park area:

After grabbing a few unique caches inside the state park, we accompanied the group to Bottineau Winter Park and Annie’s House about ten miles away. Throughout these trails, Annie’s Bucket List series is placed. Trees rose around our group, making for a beautiful hiking experience.

We only found a few of the caches due to time restrictions, but all the ones I found were creative containers. Some day, my family will have to take a trip back to finish the series. Here’s a screenshot of this bucket list:

Following our hike, we were able to go inside Annie’s house, an adaptive recreation program inspired by a North Dakota resident that passed away during 9/11. Find more about this meaningful project here. The building is a beautiful representation of the program’s mission.

Following the session, we were given lunch at the dining hall and then headed home. I was extremely grateful to have a couple extra hours to grab some geocaches on the road, checking off a new DeLorme page and exploring GZs. Nothing beats autumn, a lonely highway, and North Dakota skies.

If you’re interested in knowing more about what Lake Metigoshe has to offer, click here or visit their Facebook page here.

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