7 Tricks to Get Your “Geocacher-ish Person” to Enjoy Geocaching

Addicted to geocaching, but having trouble getting your special someone to join in your favorite hobby? I hear ya! I’m the geocacher in the family, the only one with a geocaching app (Cachly, Geocaching, and TBScan actually) on my phone, logging all the finds, and planning all the day trips. Solo caching is okay, but I just have more fun with another person in the car. I decided to sit down and come up with a list of ways that seem to help motivate the geocacher-ish people in my life to join the hunt. Hopefully these 7 tricks can help get your geocacher-ish person out the door and onto the geocaching game board.

  1. Tell the Truth

Before you even start towards the first geocache, make sure to relay your caching agenda to your partner. Go over the location, time estimation, and types of geocaches you’re attempting for the day. This will hopefully allow your friend to choose the right clothing and not get surprised by a 15 stage multi hike.

  1. Supply Treats

After going over the plan for the day, make sure to treat your special person to their favorite snack. We usually stop at a gas station to get fuel and grab a few Mountain Dews before hitting the caching trail. A small gift demonstrates your appreciation. Plus, psychologically pairing geocaching with your friend’s favorite taste can’t be a bad thing, right? Ding, ding, ding.

  1. Choose Memorable Geocaches

A series of camo-ed pill containers is probably not the most exciting way for a geocacher-ish person to spend their day. Try targeting some unique containers and/or types. Swag treasures add an element of fun – you never know what you’ll find in an ammo can. Toss in variety throughout the day, whatever that means to you and your location, and you’re bound to create a lasting memory.

  1. Praise

Once you reach ground zero, step back and let your partner for the day find a few caches. When that happens, celebrate! Make that almost-muggle feel all warm and fuzzy on his/her accomplishment. Here are a few lines for inspiration: “Wow! You found that so fast; how’d you do that?!;” “I’m really glad you’re along; that would have taken me forever to spot!;” “Way to go! Your geo-senses are on fleek!”

  1. Be Fair

Share the activities for the day. Find geocaches while you shop, let your partner choose the location for lunch, or cache for the day and do something else at night. Don’t hog the conversation either. I have to check myself sometimes so I don’t talk about geocaching while geocaching all day. Show that you’re interested in your friend’s hobbies too.

  1. Know When to Quit

Take notice of your partner’s mood. The weather may not be cooperating or a string of DNFs might dampen spirits or maybe you can tell your friend is simply not having very much fun. People are more important than geocaches. You don’t want to ruin a caching relationship over a few more finds.

  1. Don’t Push…or Pull

Be patient. Use reverse psychology and talk about your epic adventures, show pictures and videos of your finds, and collect sweet swag to display. Don’t push anyone to love geocaching. Instead, give it a break and take time to do what your friend enjoys. Over time, fingers crossed, your special person will give geocaching another try. You can then test out the tips above to build a new geocacher addict.

What tricks or tips do you have to get a geocacher-ish person to go geocaching? I’d love to hear! Comment below or send me a message on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Thanks for reading – you’re awesome!

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