8 Traits Harry Potter Shares with Geocachers

Before Sophia was born, I bought her a Harry Potter outfit – cuz I’m a bit obsessed. She was destined to dress up as a little wizard for Halloween one day. Over the years, I’ve read the entire HP series multiple times. In college, I was actually assigned to analyze and write a paper about the first book! How lucky, right?! And the movies? Ya, I’ve watched them a few times too. Sophia’s first Halloween costume sparked my inspiration in a blog post (you can read it here), so this year, with an outfit saying “Snuggle this Muggle,” I was most definitely inspired. If you needed an excuse to watch all 8 Harry Potter movies, here it is. What traits am I missing? What other parallels do you see between the wizarding world and our international geocaching community? I’d love to know!

  1. Loyal to a Home Base

I’m sure I’m not the first to notice the similarities between the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry’s crest and Geocaching, HQ’s logo. The colors are close – red(-ish), blue, green, and yellow, plus the 4 pieces in 1 symbol. We wear our emblems proudly. I’ve yet to visit HQ, but I’d imagine the feeling is probably close to the first time Harry views the castle, as he is traveling by moonlight in a magical boat to John Williams’s powerful composition.

  1. Misunderstood by Muggles

Those pesky muggles just don’t get us. Luckily, as geocachers, we aren’t forced to live under the stairs. Whether talking to snakes or searching lamp post skirts, we may look strange. Muggles are not accustomed to enchanted flying cars or people investigating park benches on all fours. We will continue to mystify. If only we all had a spare invisibility cloak lying around!

  1. Prepared with the Essential TOTTs

Harry needs a wand to practice magic much like we require a GPS and pen. Without these valuable tools of our trades, nothing could be accomplished.

  1. Connected to an International Community

Both our worlds exist within the every day. They are smaller, rather secretive groups, so it’s possible to connect to people across hemispheres. Magic and geocaching are both international. Harry has the Triwizard Tournament, while we have Megas, Gigas, and social media (#geocaching!).

  1. Adventure Seeker

Challenging ourselves to quests we choose ourselves perhaps is the strongest link between us and the Harry Potter crew. We take risks – jumping on a dragon’s back to flee a bank robbery or scaling that wall for a D5/T5 geocache. No one told us to carry out these actions, but we take the risk. We may go solo or with friends, perhaps deciding nighttime will help aid in concealing our activities. Either way, we are up for the adventure.

  1. Puzzle Solver

Often times, our brains prove to be our most powerful tools. We must be observant, reading clues hundreds of times before the connection is made. Camouflaged trash may hide our treasure, whether that is a portkey or an old Tupperware container, a golden snitch or gadget cache.

  1. Effected by Plants, Snakes, and Spiders

Devil’s snare and poison ivy can both put a damper on any situation. We must be educated on dangerous plants, like uprooted mandrakes, as well as creatures found in a forest. Thankfully, only one Aragog exists, but clusters of spiders may be in any cave, hole, or log. Basilisks and rattlesnakes are still aplenty too. Be careful out there!

  1. Appreciative of the View

Those feels tho. Earth caches and the final scenes from Harry Potter can bring tears to the eyes. As Harry stands, pausing to admire the physical splendor of the world and pondering his future, he is like a geocacher, given the chance to find a little piece of peace and beauty in the chaos.

Many cachers have been inspired by Harry Potter during their geocaches’ creation. Do you own a Harry Potter themed geocache or have you found one? I have two – one entitled “Aragog” and the other called “Hagrid’s Hut.” Both are simple, but fun. Happy Halloween! Nox.

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