First-Time GIFF Goers

The realization hit us last year: GIFF is kinda a big deal. I kept the GIFF (aka Geocaching International Film Festival) on my radar until all the events were published, and then we found the closest one to us at a mere 132 miles away in Dickinson, North Dakota. We logged a “will attend,” found a babysitter, triple-checked’s road map (only scattered ice for half the journey wasn’t going to stop us), and set off to our first ever GIFF.

Zesty snack aromas greeted us in a large conference room filled with comfy office chairs and a large screen. The one hour file was loaded and waiting to start showing us the international finalists. After the first round of plates were cleared, the movies began.

Throughout the viewing process, many thoughts entered my mind: I’m glad we don’t have such intense FTF hounds; Wow! Beautiful scenery!; I wish I could hide or find a few containers like that!; Do different countries laugh at different situations?; My eyes are getting watery…don’t cry…don’t cry…; Awkward humor…; I TOTALLY can relate!; Can I whisper something to Jon? Nah, better be quiet.; It’s over already?!

The hour went by pretty quickly. So much time and energy went into all the films – a huge thank you to those who created this year’s films and those who submitted videos too – great entertainment! I especially liked seeing so many geocachers obsessed with our hobby like me.

Following the films, our group chatted about recent trips, fantastic finds, megas, and future caching trips. We also went around and shared one thing we wish we knew as beginners. I shared that I wish I knew how nice most geocachers generally are. COs usually help  you, especially as a newbie, and events are fun. I learned about editing Puzzle Cache coordinates to show the physical location of a cache and that I really need to figure out more about GSAK. A giveaway provided us with two new geocoins (shown in the picture above), and we also took a group picture to share on North Dakota Geocaching Association’s Facebook page. What a fun group!

On the dark drive home, Jon and I discussed the films in-depth sharing our true feelings about each one. We shared the same thoughts, generally speaking, and thought “Geocaching is Free” and “Geocaching Day in Vilnius” were the best. The latter won the Signal Award! But truly – all films were made from addicted geocachers, sharing their creativity with the whole world. And that’s pretty awesome.

What was your favorite 2017 GIFF entry? How was your experience – the location, activities, atmosphere, host or guest? Will you be sending in a video next year?

Here’s the 2017 GIFF finalists YouTube video:

Thanks for reading!

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