@GeoJangie’s Patron Club

Join the club, @GeJangie’s Patron Club that is, and get rewarded!

I created an account with Patreon as a means to fund my blog and writing projects, plus help provide awesome rewards for my followers, readers, and advocates. In no way am I going to stop doing what I enjoy, I am only giving those of you who absolutely love my work a chance to support me and receive a few extra special gifts. Want to skip this post and go right to Patreon? Click here. Search for other geocachers; you may find another person you’d like to support.

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What is Patreon?

Good question! Patreon is a way for creators (aka vloggers, bloggers, artists) to find support on a monthly basis. Think of it as a virtual tip jar. I’m going to continue to write, but with your help, I can fund my blog’s domain and hosting costs, plus other DIY projects associated with posts. In return, you get some fun perks.

Perks?! Swag?! Rewards?!

Yes! When you initially pledge $5 a month (the price of a foot-long sub or a fancy cup of coffee!), you’ll receive an autographed copy of my children’s book, Sophia Finds a Geocache, a Jangie pathtag, recognition on @GeoJangie’s Patron Club page, and my gratefulness. I plan to mail out initial rewards the 1st of every month; I’ll send you a message when your package is shipped. You’ll also instantly be able to view my patron-only “Behind-the-Blog” feed access, where I’ll be posting pictures and stories about my upcoming blog posts and life. I may be asking for your help on future projects too. The feed is a spot for us to chat and create a fun community. After the first round of sweet rewards, you’ll also receive quarterly newsletters (send out in March, June, September, and December) about geocaching, blog, book, and life updates. You will also be included in geocaching-related giveaways. Multiple times throughout the year, I’ll randomly surprise a patron with a geocaching goodie. Lastly, each year in November or December, I’ll be sending you my newest personal pathtag. BONUS: When I complete my adult fiction novel, each patron will receive an autographed copy as well!

My Goals

To continue providing high-quality, family-friendly blog posts each month 
– Since beginning my blog, I’ve published 2 to 4 posts a month. No matter how late I may have to stay up some nights, I will achieve this goal. So many geocaching-related ideas float around in my mind, I know I won’t run out of material either!

To write and publish an adult fiction geocaching novel in 2019
– I have published a children’s book, Sophia Finds a Geocache, but I’d also like the support to write an adult book. The past year, I’ve been brainstorming and outlining. Now I have to sit down and start writing chapters. My whole life – ever since I could color – I’ve dreamed of writing a book. This is my time. Geocaching is in my inspiration.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Here’s that link to my Patreon page one more time: Geocaching Jangie.

Thanks for your support through readership! You’re incredibly awesome!


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