How to Camo a Bison

Bison tubes are one of the most popular geocache containers. I for one have found and hidden my fair share of these metal capsules. Before I keep writing, I have to say that I appreciate every cache; I’m glad to have a reason to go outside, and I’m very grateful for anyone who funds my hobby with their money and time. That said, I also believe bison tubes get shafted in the camouflage department. No, I’m not talking about the brown, green, and black paint covering the container. I mean, taking the hide to the next level, adding a little creativity to make these basic caches a little more memorable.

So! I decided to practice what I write and made it my one of my 2017 goals to create a mini-series of bison tubes. (If you remember, I received a large package of these colorful waterproof containers as a Christmas gift last year). My first stop was Pinterest; I created a board of all the unique bison tube finds I’ve photographed over the years, and then I searched on social media for other pictures I could add for inspiration. Cachers are extremely inventive!

After some brainstorming for what techniques would work best in my area, I picked my favorites and started DIY-ing. Here they are, the 6 caches featured in my series, Bison on the Plains.

Hanging Fruit

Fruit and other natural elements that hang on trees can work great for hiding bison tubes. This apple was on Amazon, and the miscellaneous fruit was bought at a garage sale. Drill some holes and attach these items with zip ties to a tree. Easy as apple pie.

Rocks and Pebbles and Gravel – Oh My!

Whether you buy a fake rock or create your own, they can be evil! For this bison, grab some pebbles from your intended cache placement location. Unscrew the container. Use a hot glue gun to initially attach the small rocks. Once dry, apply E6000 glue to one side at a time. Let the tube stand upright overnight. When dry, the entire container should look “wet” – that means you covered the bison completely. Use a scissors to cut away excess glue strings. Rock on!

Bison on the Plains

Adding a toy to your cache is a fun surprise. Bison tubes can be inserted inside a snake’s open mouth, glued in an outstretched monkey’s arms, or hanging below a bird in a tree. Unlimited options exist!

Hidden in Plain Sight

A visit to your local hardware store opens up countless possibilities of hiding bison tubes in plain sight. Please play it safe. When able, add a geocaching logo and place containers away from dangerous or suspicious locations. Property should not be put at risk at being destroyed. Shocking advice, I know.

Puzzle Box

Who says a bison hide is a micro hide? This cache consisted of a bison tube inside a puzzle box inside a waterproof container covered in duct tape. Geocacher Owain on YouTube 3D prints his own geocaches. He held a giveaway on his channel, and I won this sweet puzzle box. Puzzles help the brain produce neurotransmitter dopamine, aka potentially benefiting cachers’ mood, concentration, memory, and motor skills. Geocaching makes you smarter. Woot!

Log It!


Find a discarded branch, drill a hole, and glue the bison tube inside the log. You have a new, one-of-a-kind cache with an all-natural camo.

If you know of any super sweet bison hides, please tag me in your pictures or send them via a message and I’ll add them to my Pinterest board, Camouflaged Bison Tubes.

Thanks for reading – cache you on the game board!

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