Race of the Rivals! | Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering is releasing their second international trackable promotion to announce their new card set, Rivals of Ixalan. 4 different TB designs (Merfolk, Vampires, Dinosaurs, and Pirates) will physically (not virtually, but in the wild!) race against each other from geocache to geocache to share this card game’s new set and announcements. Talk about an awesome company to partner with Geocaching, HQ and gift our community super sick, unique game pieces – not once, but twice!

How to Receive a Rivals of Ixalan Trackable

You have multiple opportunities to get your hands on one of these trackables!

  1. Geocaching, HQ

Visit this link on geocaching.com. An online request form was open between November 28th to December 1st, 2017, and 1,500 trackables will be mailed out. Stay tuned to this page, since they’ll be sharing updates, along with a map, of the race and other news from Magic.

  1. @GeoJangie

I’m extremely grateful to be considered a global geocaching influencer by HQ. They have graciously mailed me a batch of these trackables to share with the community. I’ll be giving 3 of these to my patrons on Patreon as a gift for their support, plus I know they will do a stellar job at activating and releasing them into the wild; 2 will be randomly given away on my Instagram account; 1 will be randomly given away through my Twitter account; 1 will randomly be given away on my Facebook page; 1 will be given to my #USGeocachingHour Secret Santa recipient. I’ll be keeping 4 for myself to release into the world and race against each other; I plan to experiment with 4 different techniques via missions and hitchhikers to compile some tips for trackable racing.

  1. Other Global Geocaching Influencers

Who else might have a competition or giveaway on social media? Good question. My guess would include: The Geocaching Junkie, Joshua the Geocaching Vlogger, The Podcacher Podcast, SeeMyShell, Eat.Sleep.Cache.Repeat, GeoPaul Vlogger, Let’s Go Geocaching, Geocaching Blogger (MudMen-GER), NYCGeocaching, and more bloggers, vloggers, periscopers, and podcasters (I’m pretty sure my parents would consider these last 4 words foreign, but I’m glad we have so many mediums to share our hobby)!

  1. Discover, Grab, and Drop Them in the Wild!

Get out onto our game board and find these trackables in geocaches. Help them complete their missions and race against the other rivals. If you find one, share it online with #MTGRIX and #MTGGeocachers, but make sure to hide the code.

Wanna Race?!

In one year, I’d love to compare mileage of my Rivals TBs to yours! And of course there will be a prize! To enter: 1) You must have 1 of the 4 crazy cool Rivals of Ixalan trackables. 2) Send me the reference code of your trackable along with a picture of your TB and its hitchhiker. 3) Release your TB into the wild – it must travel between physical geocaches to obtain mileage. 4) I plan to write a blog post about Tips to Racing Trackables next year (approximately November 28th, 2018), when I’ll be announcing the entrants and winner of this race.

Good luck in receiving a Rivals trackable!

Cache you on the game board!

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