2017 Geo-Accomplishments

When my husband and I reminisce over the past year’s adventures, we’re always surprised by how much we’ve done; January was a while ago! Here’s the breakdown of how we did on our 2017’s Geo-Resolutions, plus the bonus geocaching-related events we didn’t plan.

Jangie’s 2017 Geo-Accomplishments

  1. Found 900 Geocaches

900 was my goal number for this year, which we obliterated with 966 finds, 156 finds for the year! Woot! These caches represent the trips we took to Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming, Minnesota, Utah, Idaho, and across North Dakota. Swiping through my Instagram photos, I love seeing where geocaching has taken me, the memories shared with my family and other cachers. This stat also includes our slow progress with the ND DeLorme Challenge (currently we’ve found 35 of 57 pages), our first D5/T5 find only a couple miles from home, Sophia’s first geocache, and a couple stunning geo-trail hikes.

Cacher Stats as of 12/30/17

  1. Attended 2 Events and Hosted 2 Events

We finally attended our first CITO and GIFF events, as well as hosted 2 events. Events have become one of my new favorite cache types. They’re still rather rare in my corner of the world, but I love having a good geocaching chat with others addicted to our hobby.

  1. Placed a Mini Series

Last Christmas I received a large bag of bison tubes with the intent of creating a series, and after much deliberation, my dad and I crafted 6 unique hides (How to Camo a Bison) with a bonus puzzle cache. As of this post, 2 geocachers have completed the series, placed in November. I’m excited to see the logs of finders to come.

  1. Published Sophia Finds a Geocache

My mom and I worked together to write, illustrate, and publish a geocaching children’s book. I’ll be writing a post this year more about our inspiration, process, and goals for this book. Check it out on Amazon!

  1. Held Giveaways

One of my favorite things to do on my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Periscope channels is to give away sweet geocaching-related items. I gave away pathtags, trackables, and a mini Mountain Warehouse package. I love being able to give back to all of you – fellow geocachers, followers, and readers. While looking at my top 9, these giveaways stick out!

2017 Top 9 on Instagram

Bonus Happenings

Some of the best memories related to geocaching this year were completely unexpected, events that popped up throughout the year that made 2017 extra awesome. I’m extremely appreciative of the opportunities I’ve received and excited for the future of this blog. By putting myself out into the geocaching realm online, I’ve been able to accomplish the following:

  • Taught Geocaching at 3 Events (Williston’s Sport and Rec Show, WHS’s Summer P.E., and Lake Metigoshe’s P.O.W.)
  • Appeared on Geocache Talk Podcast
  • Completed a Year of Blogging
  • Started Periscoping
  • Began Patreon
  • Designed and Sold Geocaching Apparel
  • Connected with Thousands of Geocachers!


Jon and Angie’s 2017 Life Events

  1. Hiked the Maah Daah Hey & Summit Trails
  2. Visited Mt. Rushmore in March
  3. Attended Our Besties’ Wedding at Custer State Park in June
  4. Began a Master’s Program for Athletic Administration in August (Jon)
  5. Traveled to Arizona and Hung Out with My Friend in August (Angie)
  6. Met Our Other Besties’ New Baby in Minnesota in October
  7. Started Part-time Substitute Teaching in November (Angie)
  8. Accompanied My Dad to Utah to Buy His New Truck in December (Angie)


What did you accomplish this year, whether in geocaching or in life? Now, time to brainstorm resolutions for 2018!

Thanks for helping make my 2017 great!

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