2018 Geo-Resolutions

Welcome 2018! Nice to meet you! I’m excited for where this year will take my geocaching team. Also, after writing down my 2017’s Geo-Resolutions, I enjoyed using my list as a reference throughout the year, motivating me to complete my goals. It was the first year I ever wrote down resolutions, and it really worked! I completed all of my personal geocaching challenges. So, once the J and I sat down and discussed our upcoming year, I finalized my 2018 geo-resolutions, and boy am I excited to embark on these proposed adventures!

Jangie’s 2018 Geo-Resolutions

  1. Celebrate 1000 Finds!

How do you choose the 1000th cache? The J and I are considering either going on a memorable hike or traveling to Grand Forks, North Dakota (where we started geocaching) and finding a high-favorited geocache there or maybe something else will pop up. At the publication of this post, we are at 974 finds, so we will have to decide soon!

  1. Host 4 Events

Events have quickly become one of my more favorite cache types. They give cachers a reason to get together and chat about the game, plus sometimes we get a cool virtual souvenir. I hosted 1 event in 2016, 2 in 2017, and this year, I plan to host 4. Hopefully with this resolution, I’m able to encourage and inspire more players in my area, whether new or old too. I’m going to kick off this resolution with Australia Day. Woot!

Photo Credit: www.geocaching.com

  1. Place an EarthCache

My corner of the state has very few EarthCaches, and I’d love to highlight a unique geological aspect of my area. I have a few locations in mind, including buttes, rivers, and lakes. I’m hoping everything goes smoothly, since I’ve heard the process may take a while to successfully complete. Fingers crossed!

  1. Attend the ND Caching and Camping Event

From June 22nd – June 24th at Icelandic State Park the NDGCA is hosting an epic event. We have yet to travel to this annual event held at different state parks, but this year, I’m determined to attend, either with the J or my sister. I’m excited to hang out with cachers, find geocaches, visit a beautiful location, tent, and all the other awesome stuff that will happen! And I know there will be a lot of awesome stuff.

  1. Write 2-4 Blog Posts Per Month AND Begin a Novel

This blog has become a part of my routine, and I love it! I’m going to continue to write 2 to 4 posts a month, PLUS I’ll be starting a fictional geocaching novel that I’ve been brainstorming and outlining for the last few months. If everything goes smoothly, the goal is to publish this novel in 2019.

As far as big life events and resolutions, I’ll be continuing on to try to lose weight, 20lbs to be exact. I weighed 135lbs before getting pregnant and 168lbs after giving birth to my daughter, currently I weigh 157lbs. I lost about 10lbs last year, which is a good start. We will continue to save money too. For trips, we want to go hiking more, camp at least one night as a family at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and take a couple trips, even if they’re spontaneous and short.

How did you celebrate the first day of 2018? What resolutions have you set for yourself this year? How did you do on your 2017 resolutions?

Good luck and best wishes for a wonderful 2018!

We scored 4 FTFs on 1/1/18!

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