One cold day in 2016, I was reading to my daughter, Sophia, and realized I didn’t own any books about geocaching. What?! This needed to change, so I hopped online and ordered a few for our home library. However, I felt this niche was lacking. Therefore, I approached my mom, Michele, past art student and lover of coloring, to begin Sophia Finds a Geocache. We have enjoyed our mother-daughter time creating our book, a project we are proud to have completed together. After a year of brainstorming, drawing, writing, and learning how to self-publish, we are ecstatic to share our book with the public. Our hope is to provide a learning tool, unique story, and opportunity for adults and children to go on a geocaching hunt at home.

You can purchase this book on by clicking here, or if you’d like to make a large order (perhaps to sell at a geocaching workshop or in your bookstore), please contact me and we can negotiate a discount.  Visit @GeoJangie’s Patron Club’s page to find out how to receive an autographed copy of this book and support this blog.

* I am currently working on a geocaching-related adult fiction novel. My goal is to finish in 2019.

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