@GeoJangie’s Patron Club

Join the club, @GeJangie’s Patron Club that is, and get rewarded!

Here are the basics of the club, but if you’d like to read more about my choice of beginning Patreon, about my writing, or what your support would mean to me, visit my Patreon page to subscribe and view more features of this neat network.

I have created an account with Patreon as a means to fund my blog and writing projects, plus help provide awesome rewards for my followers, readers, and advocates. By supporting me for only $5 a month, you will be given:

  • Behind-the-Blog Patron-Only Feed Access: I’ll be posting pictures and stories from behind-the-blog, upcoming sneak peeks of blog topics and my life.
  • Giveaway Opportunities: I already love giving away geocaching-related goodies on my social media channels, but this club will become the main way to win these items. Multiple times throughout the year, I’ll enter all my patrons names into random.org’s drawing tool and surprise one of you with an item. Whether I receive or buy fun geocaching-related items, you’ll be the ones who will have the chance to win them. (This reward is worded a bit differently on Patreon due to their policy.)
  • Quarterly Newsletters: Four times a year (March, June, September, and December), I’ll send out an email including geocaching, blog, book, and life updates to you.
  • Annual Pathtag: I have been designing and buying a personal pathtag once a year since 2014, and I plan to continue this. You’ll receive one of my personal tags when you initially pledge your support and then annually (in November or December).
  • Autographed Sophia Finds a Geocache: You’ll receive my autographed children’s book when you initially join the club.
  • Recognition: I’ll list your name and geo-name, along with all your social media channels, right here on my blog.
  • Constant Gratefulness: I will be extremely thankful for anyone who decides to join Patreon and support my work. Your pledges will allow me to continue paying for this blog and focus on writing more geocaching-related articles and books.

* I am currently working on an adult fiction novel, and when I finish it, all patrons will be gifted an autographed copy. My goal is to finish in 2019.

If this level of donation does not work for you, buying a copy of Sophia Finds a Geocache or an apparel item would also be a great way to support me. Or, as always, please keep reading my posts and exploring!

Thanks! I appreciate you all and the community we have built together.

Here are the current members of @GeoJangie’s Patron Club

Emily (aka emilierene): @emilierene (IG)

Andrea (aka ZenPanda)

Amber (aka 3BoysMamaOK): @3boysmama_geocacher (IG) and @3boysmamaok (Twitter)

This could be you!

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